Thursday, April 9, 2009

New yard

This face says it all. After 2 long days of driving we told them where we were going to sleep (the ground) with no hot water for a few days! oh the joy!

The wind here is horrid. So to prevent dust in the eye we ordered a ton of rocks for the yard. Abbey was queen of it all. Our new neighbors (whom we found out a couple days later go to church with us) we asked to borrow their wheelbarrow. she said, "sure, i'll get it" next thing we know she shows up with her brother and his friend that were visiting and her husband with 2 wheelbarrows and a shovel in tow! we told them it wasn't needed, but they wouldn't leave! So 2 hours and our entire yard was done!!! Who does that?! Not too many people. we have fantastic neighbors and are truly blessed.

Abbey wanted to help so bad and the shovel wasn't working well for her. so she figured it out and helped by the bucket full!!!

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