Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday mom!

Happy Birthday to the best mom EVER!!

Birthday lunch. Could they be any cuter?!

Mom you can't read it but they made you signs that say happy bday (cause birthday won't fit!)

The girls made a short song for you
Lola refused to not sing, so she says happy birthday too!

Mom/Grandma you are the truly the greatest!

What would we do without you you may ask?

-besides eat nasty tasting food because we couldn't make our "betty crocker" call to you

-Never enjoy the wonder of peaches cause let's face it, I'm never gonna bottle those things!

- Never know that the term little **** can be a term of endearment!

- Never know that homemade bread on saturday afternoon should be a normal thing!

- Never know that when a husband comes home he should kiss his wife!

- Never know that a family get together is more important than the decorations at the party!

- Never know that bubbles from the dishwater make a great entertainment activity when added to an empty cool-whip container!

You get the idea, we'd be lost without you mom.

Thanks for being there for me always and never letting me feel alone or like I wasn't worth anything. You are one of the greatest gifts my Heavenly Father has given me. Thanks for being you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

R.I.P. Hot pocket

This Saturday brian's jeep salsa aka hot pocket was taken too early from this earth when another driver ran a stop sign and they collided.

He was only 2 blocks from getting home too, making him a statistic:) The fire department had to use a giant crowbar to open the hood to turn off the horn. Luckily the ambulance had to leave with no one in it. Brian suffered minor injuries and the other driver and his children were fine. According to the witnesses it should have been worse.

However, after his adjuster looked at the car we got the awful call that it was totaled. We are so sad. It was the first vehicle we bought brand new off the lot. She only had 50 miles when we took her home in dec of 2004 and only 58k when she passed. So many wonderful adventures have been enjoyed in our jeep.

We decided it's not her fluids but her tears!

Finally got the hood open.

All that remains from the jeep. A small part of the hood latch we found in the street.

As kassidy said:
Hot Pocket is in that big parking lot in the sky!

We will miss you!

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