Monday, June 15, 2009

Man Alive...Abbey is 5!!!!

Our little baby turned 5 on Sat! We can no longer say we have a little toddler. we just have BIG girls. She was so excited for this day to come. We headed to Az for the fastes bday visit known to man. Brian got called back early so we had had to leave shortly after the party but it was worth it. We went to the good 'ol Chuck E Cheese! (for all mesan's the one on Alma school is wonderful- the staff was awesome and it was so not crowded)

Just woke up a 5 year old!

Bring on the party

4 wheelin' and a little nervous

Airhockey with old school pal Garrett

Yeah me!

Marin likes cake!!!

Abbey is into dresses only again.. thanks Linsey

Mom let me have the forbidden playdoh!

So true so true!!!!

It took some bribbing but we finally got her to stand there long enough to pretend she liked him!

Trapped by aliens

Home and wishing we would have gotten at least 1 present!!!
Oh my gosh! She made a haul. thanks to all that came and gave so generously. she has more than we know what to do with. In fact it filled an entire 3 drawer plastic bin!!! She had the best day. She told me when we unloaded the car...
"mom. I'm RICH!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Bday Scott

Happy Birthday Scott!!!!
We love you too much to NOT use this old photo!!!!!
(1988 at its finest)

A year with a "hunk"

So today marks 1 year since Brian came home. I thought I should take a minute to say how great he is. We are lucky to have him. He is a perfect hubby. I never have to ask for help. If I let things pile up he starts to tackle the pile before I even know it! He is the BEST.
So glad Heavenly Father picked you for me!

Ohhh, he makes me smile!

Friday, June 5, 2009

WHO gives a kid bright blue frosting!!!!!??????

At the last day of school party someone was genius enough to get that ever fantastic bright blue frosting. Anyone with kids knows what color I am talking about, if you don't have kids yet...take note!

Lips, Nose and Hair

This one made on the nose and UP the nose

blue mustache man!

Why do they make that stuff?
Was gonna include in last day post below and decided it needed a post all its own!

Last Day of school

I still can't believe that school is over! This was my last year to have someone to hang out with.1 I have to enjoy this summer to the fullest because in 2 1/2 months i will be a lonely lady! The girls have excelled this year. I always hear how polite and kind they are(as long as they are at school-cause at home is a diff story!)

Abbeys teacher had her sons old kindergarten robe (from 20 years ago!) so she dressed the kids!
Kass' HSM dance party

Her and her friend
(classic PROM pose!!!)

Kassidy and her teacher

Abbeys class looking through binoculars while singing "we're going on a bear hunt"

Pizza party!!!

Abbey and her teacher