Friday, March 28, 2008

1 year ago today

One year ago today Brian left us for Iraq. I thought when it started it would never end. Now that a year is here it is hard to believe that we have done a year! We have gotten word that Brian should be coming home sometime in June, if the Lord permits! So thanks to all for helping our year go by so fast! We love you all and will be sad to go back to WA and super happy at the same time. We love you all but REALLY love Brian! :)
My how times flies

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Dresses

We are finally well enough that we put on our pretty girl dresses and went to grandmas since we missed the family party the other day. They are the prettiest girls around I can safely say!! We love them so much. They are truly from heaven. I am so glad our Heavenly Father sent them to us. I can't imagine life without them.

They wouldn't be our if they were serious!!

My girl that refused to wash off the tatoos for easter pictures

Me and my sweet princesses!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Bunk

So we had spring break last week and we all got sick. this is the first all out sickness that we actually had major down time for. we were good for 2 days then BAM. so we headed for the cabin figuring we can be sick at home or somewhere pretty. on the back way home (because the beeline was closed) abbey threw up in the car several times. It's soooo awesome to be a mom.
So Easter was a bust. We tried very hard to have a fun day. The easter bunny went overboard and hid over a hundred eggs and several toys. The girls started strong but little abs got tired and had to take a break. so we have not been well enough to do the easter dresses. those picts will be up as soon as we can be happy enough to put them on.

all abbeys loot from us and nana

Kassidys bracelet with Zac Efron from daddy

Sooo many eggs that we each needed 3 baskets!!!

Too much? Never when giggles and "heres one for you and one for me" "here have this one its pretty with the colors you like" or "let me help you find somemore"

Our girls are the best of friends (most the time!) It is a true blessing to have them

The real reason for the blog drought

So I realized that it had been a month since I have posted. WHAT?! I have been so good so sorry for that.

We have had a teen ager living with us for several weeks and having a teen have been quite different. She has introduced us to GUITAR HERO and ROCKBAND. So for the sake of keepiong her entertained I have played almost everynight after the girls have gone to bed. I must admit I have become addicted and quite good. Even the girls like to try the guitars and drums! So the computer has gone to the back burner. HOWEVER, Brian has pointed out that I am behind and need to get on it! So here we go....

we have had lots of things going on. so here is a little recap.

The girls in their all the way from Ireland St Pattys shirts

Kass finally finished cheer and had a little party.

So proud of her trophy.