Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Bunk

So we had spring break last week and we all got sick. this is the first all out sickness that we actually had major down time for. we were good for 2 days then BAM. so we headed for the cabin figuring we can be sick at home or somewhere pretty. on the back way home (because the beeline was closed) abbey threw up in the car several times. It's soooo awesome to be a mom.
So Easter was a bust. We tried very hard to have a fun day. The easter bunny went overboard and hid over a hundred eggs and several toys. The girls started strong but little abs got tired and had to take a break. so we have not been well enough to do the easter dresses. those picts will be up as soon as we can be happy enough to put them on.

all abbeys loot from us and nana

Kassidys bracelet with Zac Efron from daddy

Sooo many eggs that we each needed 3 baskets!!!

Too much? Never when giggles and "heres one for you and one for me" "here have this one its pretty with the colors you like" or "let me help you find somemore"

Our girls are the best of friends (most the time!) It is a true blessing to have them

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Diane said...

okay, being sick totally sucks, not to mention on a "holiday" or when we should be having fun! but at least you made it through ;) and i "enjoyed" being puked on last week... from raegan. and for that she totally got jipped on her easter stuff. just kidding.