Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy B day Joe Pops!

This is a song my dad always sings and the girls do too when they think of grandpa. So they changed it a little!

We hope your day is as great as you!!!

Brian, Kristal, Kassidy and Abbey

Friday, October 10, 2008

Things are different here!

Fall is in the air!
Leaves are changing.
Animals are quickly gathering for the winter.
Bugs are ever present.
So while out the other evening watering,
we stumbbled across a caterpillar,
the kind you see drawn in kid cartoons!

It was bigger than any of her fingers!! In fact it took quite some convincing for Kass to pick it up.
Then... the next day we found a much larger one that was covered in spikes. No picture was taken because it was a mean little bugger. It kept attacking the stick we used to save it trying to take it to the trees!
Where are we?!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just another day... in paradise!

Another year and I am officially old! I do not do much for my bdays and have not for quite a while. However, I decided this year we were going to go to eat at a little chinese place that looked fun. It looks like a little japanese garden. So we get all dressed up and load in the car for the 20 minute drive. We pull into the parking lot and I think, "hmmm. strange that it is not busy" We pull to the front to get the "front row joe" spot and I see this!!!!!

Typical me and my luck. In fact it is so me and my luck my family didn't even feel bad when I told them they just laughed because it wouldn't be me if it were open!!!

Brian has been letting me get things for the house as early bday presents this Dance pict though is one he picked all on his own!

Love these

Was tired of bags on the ground. so cute

The girls and my nice cake!
The only thing I wanted this year was a desk lamp to clip on my make shift dresser/vanity (since these arcaic bathrooms won't take a hairdryer)
Yummy! Good job
Had to have little cakes with the left over batter
My birthday was so nice. It has dragged on for days and I have loved it. Brian and the girls are wonderful to me and always put up with my short comings and my not liking to wake up in the morning. Kass gets up and starts her day happily while I stare on the couch! Brian has been so helpful since we have him home more often. They got me one of my fav romanitc movies "I.Q." The old meg ryan, tim robbins movie. Brian stayed up and watched it with me. That is a BIG deal. Thank you guys for my specail day and special life!