Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy B day Joe Pops!

This is a song my dad always sings and the girls do too when they think of grandpa. So they changed it a little!

We hope your day is as great as you!!!

Brian, Kristal, Kassidy and Abbey


The Greenest Goddess, drinking 2 green drinks a day and other stuff that is healthy. said...

This is the best birthday song ever... since my nickname is jodipop, i decided that they were singing to me, because i like to go swimming with bull legged woman, mayber. anyways sooo cute video. Lucky Krystal has like the best family in the world, musicallly talented girls + Cousin B (whenever you want loves) = best family ever.

Linae said...

Happy birthday Joe Pops! I love you too! It was good to see him and your mom a few weeks ago, they came over to my parents for my moms birthday. Your girls are of course cute as ever! Love ya Kristal!

Jenny said...

Just do you like being in the Military? We are going "Active" in July so I'm a bit curious. Also how's Fort Benning? We are putting in our "requests" for our stations in the next week.

Is it just like in the Lifetime Drama Army Wives, cause that's totally what I'm counting on!