Friday, September 26, 2008

It's GREAT to be 8!

Kassidy turned 8!!!!!
She was so excited. She got to open a few presents before school. WE decorated the front of the house for her, she had Red Robin for dinner! She has a great day. We cannot imagine life without this little one! Who would have thought our 6 weeks premie would now be 8 and the tallest one in the class?! She is a precious precious gift.

8 shaped waffles and bacon!

Clock radio dancing robot!
Red Robin - yum (not really) her favorite though so we suffer through it
In front of the house with her decorations. I felt like I was in Young Womens again "heart attacking" a lawn! She loved it. her exact words were "COOL!"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catching Up

Got Lazy and stopped posting for a while. So here's a bunch!
This one just makes me laugh. Abs is NOt one to fall asleep while there is action going on. Lately though she has been very tired and eating so we are thinking our munchin might actually grow. (Which is her goal because as son as she reaches 42" she gets to go to Disney World)

We were having family movie night and she tried so hard but just couldn't pull it off! I guess Gremlins wasn't that scarry!!!

More Little White House

Here are some more picts. I am having troub;e posting too many to a post.

This one is for "Papa Larry" This is the MArine Post outside the house! Talk about comforts!!!
Wishing Well
Flags of everystate and their state stone were on a walkway. Here is GA.

Can't leave out good 'ol AZ

A quote in a memorial building that holds the unfinished picture of him that they were painting when he suffered his stroke. They left it unfinished and she later made a complete one to honor him.

Little White house

On the way home from the zoo we stopped at the Little White House. It is where FDR went to use the hot springs to help his polio! He loved it and bought it. It was also where he died.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Atlanta Zoo

Over the last holiday we went up to the ATL zoo for the morning. We are only 2 hours so we headed up played with the animals and went straight back home! Fun for us not for most.

They were a small zoo but had some great animals. We were able to see the rare panda baby that was 2 years old and one they just had that we 3 days old! (we saw that one via tv screen) It was so neat. We truly enjoyed oursleves.

CRAZY Hair day

We had crazy hair day for school. Abs wanted to have crazy hair like her sissy, but was only willing to go with the color! (This is the only spirit day she would participate in all the other days she said she didn't care if she were the only kids there that didn't do it!)

Pink and blue!
This one makes me smile. Showing daddy her hair before school!

Kass however went all out! She designed her own hair and I just helped make it happen!

holy Mole-y. Who would have know her hair streaker she got for Christmas would come in so handy one day?!