Friday, September 26, 2008

It's GREAT to be 8!

Kassidy turned 8!!!!!
She was so excited. She got to open a few presents before school. WE decorated the front of the house for her, she had Red Robin for dinner! She has a great day. We cannot imagine life without this little one! Who would have thought our 6 weeks premie would now be 8 and the tallest one in the class?! She is a precious precious gift.

8 shaped waffles and bacon!

Clock radio dancing robot!
Red Robin - yum (not really) her favorite though so we suffer through it
In front of the house with her decorations. I felt like I was in Young Womens again "heart attacking" a lawn! She loved it. her exact words were "COOL!"


Diane said...

i bet she LOVED the house being decorated for her...
we are getting soooo old! :(

Linae said...

Happy Birthday Kassidy and YOU Kristal!!!! I can't believe the
29th went by without me even realizing the month was almost over! So I hope you had a great day too. I loved that you decorated the house for her, you are so flippin cute! Your girls and Brian are so lucky to have you. I'm looking forward to seeing you in December! Happy Late Birthday , Love Ya!