Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My life feels like this....

So I've disappeared, I've been told! Here is why...
Brian is gone (again) he can't see our blog so I slack
Decided to finish school since I am so close to being done (5 more classes after the 3 i am taking and then i can apply to the nursing program to be a labor and delivery nurse)
Brian is in command for his unit which makes me the "mom" to all 75 wives and their problems.
Church keeps me busy too!
So to the world I look like this.....
All put together and getting it done. but.......

I feel like this!

Ha Ha Ha
No life isn't that bad! Just makes me giggle.
It's harder than I thought giving up my awesome mom do what ever i want when i want lifestyle to go to school. It will be good. It gives me a new purpose and it's so my little ladies can go to school and have no worries or loans!
Life Is GOOD!!!