Monday, May 25, 2009

"Bear"ly made it and other trip fun!

When you gotta go, you gotta go!
(brian found this funny site while on our adventures!)

Found this after the rain outside the museum

Riding horses- one big size and one "abs" size

Forgot to count to 3!

Get that bull

We found aliens!
(Billy the Kid stop)

Phone home! we found ET too

We also found Smokey in Cloudcroft, NM
We had a great advendture this memorial weekend. Rain/snow kept us from camping so we just went adventuring instead. We headed up to cloudcroft, nm (think ski resort town with no crowd) We went to an art fair and got local pizza and ice cream. then we drove some more and stopped and the hubbard western museum and a little billy the kid stop. (we will go to the the big stuff on him later) We had a gret time adventureing and just having fun. We are lucky Heavenly Father gave us each other!

If April showers (which we don't have) bring flowers, then, May freak rainstorms bring....

When we get rain (our first since we moved here) we party it up!
Strait from school into the street

Things you miss about the desert after being from it so long. Rain on the horizon and the smell of cool wet dirt. all you desert for lifers may think i am crazy but when you haven't had it in over 12 years, it's nice. the smell reminded me of my childhood and it was so nice to leave windows and doors open all day.

It's also nice for all of our sprouts! the garden which is abbeys favorite pasttime is doing so good. we have more sprouts than will fit in our beds that are 4x8 each! We had to make more room and may have to grow a garden for the rabbit that is visiting (abbeys idea on how not to be mean to it about eating our stuff)

green beans!


Let's see. Corn, garlic, jalapenos, yellow squash, zuccinni and cucumbers

See the need for thinning- we did and all went well
Thanks for having one while i was growing up mom and dad. i give ALL credit to you!

Mother of a day!

The girls after church with my flowers!

Aren't we cute?!

My gift of the mini-burger maker (yes-the one from tv) which i got to cook with the minute we walked in the door! I do have to say little burgers are BIG fun!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Meow-valous Gracie


We hope you have the best birthday! We think you are meow-valous!! Have the best time ever-big sissy! Tell mom and dad I said to get you whatever you want.

Who's that knocking at my backdoor?!

While eating breakfast this morning, i heard a strange knocking and asked abbey what she was doing. She replied, "nothing." Then I realized we had a little quail trying to peck it's way through the glass. Worried about it, i tried to "save" it by making sure it made it back into the desert over the wall. A few minutes later there it was again! Then we tried to feed it (for the record, quails have NO idea what bread is!). It left and returned again!!! We had fun watching it. Not something you see everyday. We really love that our house is at the back of the neighborhood and we have nothing but desert behind us. I hope it's like that for a long time!

Isn't it pretty?! I told Abbey we could it, she was not at all amused!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Old Bones in Old El Paso

We are still continuing our quest to see all the old stuff we can. So this weekend we went to see the grave of John Wesley Hardin. Why?! Don't know. know the story, love the Bob Dylan song and he's up the freeway so what the heck!! It was a very sad, dry and ugly cemetery. super old stuff though and that's what we dig. Well... not literally!

notice the wind giving abbey willy wonka hair!

old man and lobster hands silloette! What in the world?!