Saturday, November 8, 2008


Sorry to all for lack of post and email replys! We currently have no internet, so all stuff has to be done at the library, which does not allow picture downloading!!! When we are back up and running you will be the first to know!

We got our assignment

We found out we are going to
We are excited, it is in El Paso and as close as we can get to family. We will get there sometime around April!!
More details when we have them!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy B day Joe Pops!

This is a song my dad always sings and the girls do too when they think of grandpa. So they changed it a little!

We hope your day is as great as you!!!

Brian, Kristal, Kassidy and Abbey

Friday, October 10, 2008

Things are different here!

Fall is in the air!
Leaves are changing.
Animals are quickly gathering for the winter.
Bugs are ever present.
So while out the other evening watering,
we stumbbled across a caterpillar,
the kind you see drawn in kid cartoons!

It was bigger than any of her fingers!! In fact it took quite some convincing for Kass to pick it up.
Then... the next day we found a much larger one that was covered in spikes. No picture was taken because it was a mean little bugger. It kept attacking the stick we used to save it trying to take it to the trees!
Where are we?!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just another day... in paradise!

Another year and I am officially old! I do not do much for my bdays and have not for quite a while. However, I decided this year we were going to go to eat at a little chinese place that looked fun. It looks like a little japanese garden. So we get all dressed up and load in the car for the 20 minute drive. We pull into the parking lot and I think, "hmmm. strange that it is not busy" We pull to the front to get the "front row joe" spot and I see this!!!!!

Typical me and my luck. In fact it is so me and my luck my family didn't even feel bad when I told them they just laughed because it wouldn't be me if it were open!!!

Brian has been letting me get things for the house as early bday presents this Dance pict though is one he picked all on his own!

Love these

Was tired of bags on the ground. so cute

The girls and my nice cake!
The only thing I wanted this year was a desk lamp to clip on my make shift dresser/vanity (since these arcaic bathrooms won't take a hairdryer)
Yummy! Good job
Had to have little cakes with the left over batter
My birthday was so nice. It has dragged on for days and I have loved it. Brian and the girls are wonderful to me and always put up with my short comings and my not liking to wake up in the morning. Kass gets up and starts her day happily while I stare on the couch! Brian has been so helpful since we have him home more often. They got me one of my fav romanitc movies "I.Q." The old meg ryan, tim robbins movie. Brian stayed up and watched it with me. That is a BIG deal. Thank you guys for my specail day and special life!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's GREAT to be 8!

Kassidy turned 8!!!!!
She was so excited. She got to open a few presents before school. WE decorated the front of the house for her, she had Red Robin for dinner! She has a great day. We cannot imagine life without this little one! Who would have thought our 6 weeks premie would now be 8 and the tallest one in the class?! She is a precious precious gift.

8 shaped waffles and bacon!

Clock radio dancing robot!
Red Robin - yum (not really) her favorite though so we suffer through it
In front of the house with her decorations. I felt like I was in Young Womens again "heart attacking" a lawn! She loved it. her exact words were "COOL!"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catching Up

Got Lazy and stopped posting for a while. So here's a bunch!
This one just makes me laugh. Abs is NOt one to fall asleep while there is action going on. Lately though she has been very tired and eating so we are thinking our munchin might actually grow. (Which is her goal because as son as she reaches 42" she gets to go to Disney World)

We were having family movie night and she tried so hard but just couldn't pull it off! I guess Gremlins wasn't that scarry!!!

More Little White House

Here are some more picts. I am having troub;e posting too many to a post.

This one is for "Papa Larry" This is the MArine Post outside the house! Talk about comforts!!!
Wishing Well
Flags of everystate and their state stone were on a walkway. Here is GA.

Can't leave out good 'ol AZ

A quote in a memorial building that holds the unfinished picture of him that they were painting when he suffered his stroke. They left it unfinished and she later made a complete one to honor him.

Little White house

On the way home from the zoo we stopped at the Little White House. It is where FDR went to use the hot springs to help his polio! He loved it and bought it. It was also where he died.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Atlanta Zoo

Over the last holiday we went up to the ATL zoo for the morning. We are only 2 hours so we headed up played with the animals and went straight back home! Fun for us not for most.

They were a small zoo but had some great animals. We were able to see the rare panda baby that was 2 years old and one they just had that we 3 days old! (we saw that one via tv screen) It was so neat. We truly enjoyed oursleves.

CRAZY Hair day

We had crazy hair day for school. Abs wanted to have crazy hair like her sissy, but was only willing to go with the color! (This is the only spirit day she would participate in all the other days she said she didn't care if she were the only kids there that didn't do it!)

Pink and blue!
This one makes me smile. Showing daddy her hair before school!

Kass however went all out! She designed her own hair and I just helped make it happen!

holy Mole-y. Who would have know her hair streaker she got for Christmas would come in so handy one day?!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dexter Elementary

First day of school!
They let me take this when I picked them up!
We got our stuff yesterday and started school today.
My wonderful wonderful girls.

My baby is in Pre-K

My little one has afternoon pre-k. She slept in and only anted cereal for breakfast and decided she wanted to have a special lunch. So we sat on the couch and watched a movie on the computer and at ABC's with meatball cold! That's a winner lunch if I ever I heard of one! Don't ever say my kids go without! ha

Could she be any cuter?!

So excited with the back pack ready

Here she is going off to class. I say bye I love you she keeps walking! Notice the boy lovingly hugging his mom?! Mine just goes! She was so excited to go to big girl school where sissy is. She was in heaven and had a great day. She told me that she is going to like her class and that she even told someone her name! She is big time now.

We love you our getting so big girl Abs!

Kassidy the second grader!!!!

Today we started school. So each of the girls got to start their day in their own special way. I often get critized for being a short order cook and making mutilple meals at each meal. I figure do it while I can cause some day I won't be able too!
So what do you do when your oldest asks for her special start the day breakfast of waffles and sausage when your waffle maker and toaster are somewhere in here?!

Luckily, I was taught by my mother to use the broiler to make toast because it just tastes better! Thanks to you mom we were able to have Eggos via broiler!!! She loved it.

Our little neighbor friend came to see if Kassidy wanted to ride with her. So Kass replied the most excited yes. I was able to get one shot in before the left!

I yelled good-bye as the sped off as fast as they could and off she went. She is getting so big. I can't believe she is in the 2nd grade and about to turn 8! She is such a special blessing in our family.

We love you Kassidy Ann aka Kass-squatch

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where we are

We have arrived to Fort Benning, GA (1 1/2 hours south of Atlanta)
We are so close to being in AL so we get the best of all the southern charms! We are still waiting for our stuff. We are hoping for this Sat since the possibility of last Sat has come and gone! It is HOT and HUMID! We are having issues adjusting but it is coming. When the movers come I will take picts and post. right nor not very exciting with 2 folding chairs and some mattresses!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More cute stuff

I keep running across things that I forgot to post from the last month. I just thought these were cute. We love going to the cabin everytime we are in AZ. It is just so wonderful and relaxing!

That's my girl!