Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Niece/Nephew?!

This is Brian's brothers dog! They dressed him up the other day and I just can't get enough. He looks like a human dog!!! We love you Toby

Charlotte practicing for her real sister coming in June!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More posts

Here you go mom. I did all of these just for you! I am off to finish dishes and tubs!
Love you dearly

Our new dog.... We hope!

This is the English Bulldog we are hoping to adopt! Is she not the cutest thing ever?! I am posting this in hopes of making it permament. I hope I did not scare off the woman adopting him out by too many emails. We are just so excited that I may have over stepped. So this is just in case she looks to see if we are good people. So put those prayers into overdrive because I think she needs us and us her!

High Falls State Park

For Presidents Day we decided we neded to explore somemore! We went to High Falls State Park. We hiked along the water and had agood time looking for Zombie hideouts! Abbeys new obsession is zombies and how to protect ourselves from them! Don't ask me....

This was MUCH higher than it looks

A fallen tree over the edge of the trail

Stick racers start your engines....

The winner of stick races. Mostly because she threw hers ahead, but a win is a win right?!

Callaway Gardens

This last weekend we went to Callaway gardens. It is a beautiful place that has golf courses and homes and a botanical garden complete with a butterfly santuary! We had a great time and I took way to many picts. here are a few.

A Banana tree! They also had papaya, mango etc it was neat.

butterfly were everywhere.


awwww. so in love (at least at that moment!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Forgotten foot update

I was reminded that I never said anymore about kassidys foot! So I thought I would update and add some funny picts.
She is fine. Turns out we just dislocated our growth plate! So she had to wear her fancy boot for a week and take it easy for 2 more weeks. We are fine and running every where.
We decided that we would sign her boot before she had her calss do it. We PROMISED to keep it small (because HOW embarrasing to have your parents on there!) So we did. We also told Abbey to keep it small. She said OK and this is what we got, followed by a yell from Kass and a laugh from Abs!!!

She is a fiery one and thinks she is funny!!!

Flat Rock Park

I am starting to get the "holy cow! we are about to move and haven't seen anything yet" bug! So we have been exploring our little hearts out.
This is Flat Rock Park (which our ward is named after)
If this were in Az it would be coverd in people trying to slide down it!
Itwas very nice and peaceful with running/biking trails everywhere.

Could I ask for cuter people to be surrounded by?!
I love these guys so much

Monday, February 9, 2009

Finally catching up!

Wasn't going to try this but decided to due to boring current life!!!
Here are somethings that happened during no internet, vacation and a computer virus that caused us to buy a new one!

What happens if dad sees you sitting on the tub talking to your sissy!

What happens when it is raining and you REALLY wanted to sleep in the tent

Abbey as student of the week

The Mad Hatter and Sharpey (high school mus)

The teeth we wore for weeks after Halloween

Zombie Cheerleader for the school party, my mean mom wouldn't let me wear my other just in case i ripped it!

Just south of us the have waht is called the "little grand canyon" well being from AZ we had to check it out! It was made from farmers rerouting water and the walls are sand. So this is what they got. We laughed and called it a wash, but they just don't know any better!!!

One of the walls. It was pretty neat to see it. It really is just tightly packed sand, no rocks!

A Caldwell Christmas

Before we left for AZ we did a couple things Caldwell style!
Civil War Santa!
Who neds to see normal Santa when you can see him in Stars and Stripes!

He was very cute and very interested in everything that all the children said

We didn't do a real tree so I dug out one that was given to us by a dear friend (yes that you angel) another year for the same reason. so Charlie Brown was givena run for his money this year!!!

Gingerbread houses. Very hard for me to give full control over but I did

Eat that nasty hard candy!!!!

Kassidy gets baptized

When our computer crashed from a virus, it messed the scanner up so I will add more picts from my mom as soon as I get it fixed!
The reasone for visiting AZ was so we could baptize Kassidy! She wasnted to wait a few months so that Joe Pops could be there. It was absolutely perfect. Nice, sweet, and fast. She is a precious gift from Heavenly Father. We love her with all that we have!

Pure and Clean!

Just before going out!

St David Christmas

We spent our Christmas with Brian's parents and his brothers family in good 'ol St David, AZ. Not a too well known place, on the way to tombstone. We had a GREAT time, the girls love to dig in the dirt qand little girls so they were in heaven!

The only shot where cousin Charlotte looked!!

This one of Abbey makes me laugh so hard!!! Is she so me or what?!

Stocking loot

SWEET!! Santa brought a DS