Thursday, February 19, 2009

Forgotten foot update

I was reminded that I never said anymore about kassidys foot! So I thought I would update and add some funny picts.
She is fine. Turns out we just dislocated our growth plate! So she had to wear her fancy boot for a week and take it easy for 2 more weeks. We are fine and running every where.
We decided that we would sign her boot before she had her calss do it. We PROMISED to keep it small (because HOW embarrasing to have your parents on there!) So we did. We also told Abbey to keep it small. She said OK and this is what we got, followed by a yell from Kass and a laugh from Abs!!!

She is a fiery one and thinks she is funny!!!


Christa Johnson said...

that is so funny! my kids would have done the same thing!!! He!He!

Marie said...

Glad I'm not the only one that plays catch up on their blog. Your girls are so cute. Love the pic of Abbey in the tub! And did I read that you guys are moving again? Where are you off to next? I guess I just don't understand that military life - you are a good woman!