Thursday, February 10, 2011

Record breaking snow

So our streak of enduring some kind of record breaking weather each place we live is still going strong.

We had a record breaking temperature with a big for us snow of 4 inches. We broke the record of 8 degrees by hitting 6! Then the next day we broke six with 3! It was even colder with wind chill hitting -13! That's cold for us, really cold.

In fact, so cold it shut all 8 power plants down causing us to have rolling blackouts for days. We also had frozen pipes through out the city shutting everything down from restaurants to walmart! We were some of a handful of people to still have water. School and businesses were closed down from Wednesday to Monday. It was crazy. They even restricted our water so we could only use it in an emergency, think old camp rules if it's brown flush it down, yellow let it mellow! All water to be used or drank was to be boiled before consumption. It was just a super wild ride. The kids were in heaven the first day then a serious case of cabin fever set in for them and Brian. Keeping him out of work with no where to go is no good. :)

Kids loving snow. They walked all over with their ruler measuring all the different areas, deepest place was 4".

After math icicles . She thought she was awesome!!

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