Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog stalking pays off!!! who doesn't love FREE stuff?!

I found this blog stalking today. Thanks Michelle for posting a link to the site i "stole" this from! Super cute stuff.

Click Here or on logo!!
(i just learned to link picts so sorry i never tried before...too easy!)

We will miss you Flat Stanley!

We had the priviledge of having a new friend, Flat Stanley come and stay with us!
Kassidy's old friend from AZ was doing a school project about a book they read where the boy made himself flat so he could mail himself to all kinds of different places. So the class made their own little selves. we were lucky enough to get him to come and play. It was quite the project. We took him to a couple places that were interesting. here are a few shots.

Going on a bike ride bt the Franklin Mountains (which are the end of the Rockies!)
Playing Army for the day

As tall as a missle (or so it looks)

Off to work with Brian
This was a super great idea that we may do as a summer project. they had a journal that you write in to keep track of what he did. it gets passed to as many people as it can then the kids document where and what he did. I love it! Thanks Zane for letting us help!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What the "hole"?!!!

Calling all self made designers!!!!
Have a hault in the home decor. I have this strange "niche" below my stairs. I am calling out for ideas. here is what my aunt and i thought. please weigh in
1. put a long bench with stoage under it. ptoblrm is hitting head on right side!
2. seal off to make solid wall and knock out other wall to make huge storage in the garage.
What do you think? they said it was originally for tv's but then they got to big but they never changed the design!
HeLp PLeaSe

Friday, April 17, 2009

seriously, are you seriously serious?!!!!

Enlarge to read!!!
Found this on a friends page. This person can't be serious, can they?! I wish you could make a paper that can reach out and slap someone! yikes

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Wyatt Earp... no, I am...

The one day it wasn't windy and nasty we went to tombstone! I haven't been there for about 11 years or so. the girls thought it was neat. they got their first cap guns. It was a total tourist trap so we being the cheap-o's that we are didn't go into much. we just wandered (or should i say meandered)

Notice the cast is gone!!!! she couldn't get enough of moving that arm after 4 weeks in a long cast. it healed so well we didn't need another one! YEE-HAW



These are out of order. I never remember which way to upload them!
Here is Easter morning. Me, being the super mom that I am , forgot the girls baskets. So grandma Sherrie had some. Abbey found the biggest on the shelf and it was the one for her!

All our goodies

Putting the empty baskets out for the rabbit

Hunting eggs with cousin charlotte. (it was her and abbeys first time)
yes- you read that right abbey has never done it before. remember- super mom!

oh yeah! bubbles and doggies in the eggs

Where oh where can you be?!

Another first for abbey! dying eggs! Super mom strikes again! We have never done this because we really don't eat eggs. so super randma was to the rescue and let them dye to their hearts content.

So pretty- eggs and girls

Monday, April 13, 2009

Do you not realize.... it's EASTERS!!!!!!

We had a wonderful easter. there are too many cute picts to put so here are a few. maybe i will add more later!
We went with non-traditional easter dresses this year. i fell in love with these skirts and knew we would wear them 'til they fell apart!

spinnin' in St David

too windy for picts outside so we moved to the house

my lovelies!

We love the Easter season. It reminds us of the wonderful atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. He made it possible for imperfect us to keep the wonderful families that we have. I am grateful for His sacrifice for me and my family. Nothing makes me happier than knowing we can be an eternal family. I can't imagine life without them.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So they say to pace yourself, but i have never been good at that. I am an all or nothing kind of gal. so here are a bunch of posts from the last 2 weeks. I wanted to get them on before easter!

Abbey's is open for business

So recently Abbey has had a store. The inventory changes daily sometimes hourly! She sets up shop everyday and yells, "the shop is open" she takes real money but if you do not have any she is willing to work out a deal. the tissues are her hottest item since we are all struggling with getting used to the allergies here!

Thanks for keeping us supplied! what would we do without you?!


For those who do not know we are museum junkies. Actually I am not included in that but everyone else is and i am a fmily time junkie so i tag along! Sat we took in 2 musems. One was on post here and the other was the border patrol museum up the road. both were very fun
She just thought the name was cool.
(christa, if you see this pass it on to yours 'cause that is her spelling!)

At the border patrol museum. This is so what i envisoined in my head when i hear about them on the news!

my little ladies with the "big lady"

OK- even I thought this was cool. Every control moved so they could play away

Crusin' cuties

First day in a new school

The girls new school is a uniform wearing school! Never done that before. it is quite hard to find uniform pieces at the end of the school year by the way! We found enough to get us by til we can find more.
Kassidy was very excited about this. she laid her outfit out the night before (keep in mind we still had no dressers, couch anything at this point hence the carpet!) I thought it was too cute to not take a pic

outfit ready... check
backpack ready... check

dressed and out the door... check

Abbey goes to afternoon pre-k and was very excited too. not so much about the collars. they are "funky" she does it though just to go to school.

Dad doing his best to embarrass his off-spring!
We are truly truly blessed to have children that love school. they were given the opportunity to miss the entire week since they missed spring brak due to this school having it the week before we moved and the other not having it yet. They refused and were in school by wed! they love to learn and we love them.

New yard

This face says it all. After 2 long days of driving we told them where we were going to sleep (the ground) with no hot water for a few days! oh the joy!

The wind here is horrid. So to prevent dust in the eye we ordered a ton of rocks for the yard. Abbey was queen of it all. Our new neighbors (whom we found out a couple days later go to church with us) we asked to borrow their wheelbarrow. she said, "sure, i'll get it" next thing we know she shows up with her brother and his friend that were visiting and her husband with 2 wheelbarrows and a shovel in tow! we told them it wasn't needed, but they wouldn't leave! So 2 hours and our entire yard was done!!! Who does that?! Not too many people. we have fantastic neighbors and are truly blessed.

Abbey wanted to help so bad and the shovel wasn't working well for her. so she figured it out and helped by the bucket full!!!