Friday, April 17, 2009

seriously, are you seriously serious?!!!!

Enlarge to read!!!
Found this on a friends page. This person can't be serious, can they?! I wish you could make a paper that can reach out and slap someone! yikes


Linae said...

So this is why we never call eachother!!! Now I understand, and all the while I thought it was just selfishness! Ha ha, I'm so glad she put her in her place, what a douche bag! Reality though, I did get your message the other day, I was sad I missed your call, thanks for thinking of me. We are just waiting and waiting........ I'd love to catch you up on everything, maybe the next time I get 10 minutes to myself!(JK) Love ya!

Danielle said...

Wow! I am glad the columnist wrote a realistic answer. As a working Mom I know exactly what I'd be doing all day if I were at home, and it's tiring! I can;t believe the work that one little cutie creates, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle more!