Thursday, April 30, 2009

We will miss you Flat Stanley!

We had the priviledge of having a new friend, Flat Stanley come and stay with us!
Kassidy's old friend from AZ was doing a school project about a book they read where the boy made himself flat so he could mail himself to all kinds of different places. So the class made their own little selves. we were lucky enough to get him to come and play. It was quite the project. We took him to a couple places that were interesting. here are a few shots.

Going on a bike ride bt the Franklin Mountains (which are the end of the Rockies!)
Playing Army for the day

As tall as a missle (or so it looks)

Off to work with Brian
This was a super great idea that we may do as a summer project. they had a journal that you write in to keep track of what he did. it gets passed to as many people as it can then the kids document where and what he did. I love it! Thanks Zane for letting us help!


thesearlesociety said...

Isaac did this in his preschool class over the Christmas break. I didn't really get into it, though, and kept forgetting to bring Flat Stanley with us!

Diane said...

holy cow!!! my niece did that like 5 years ago.. we have a pic of brendon sitting outside w/ flat stanley.. crazy!