Thursday, April 9, 2009

Abbey's is open for business

So recently Abbey has had a store. The inventory changes daily sometimes hourly! She sets up shop everyday and yells, "the shop is open" she takes real money but if you do not have any she is willing to work out a deal. the tissues are her hottest item since we are all struggling with getting used to the allergies here!

Thanks for keeping us supplied! what would we do without you?!


Christa Johnson said...

that was so fun to see all your blog entries and catch up on your life over the past little while. I know a new school, church, etc. is hard but it looks like your girls will be good at it.
Cassidy (mine that is) loved the pictures and wanted to say "hi" to your Kassidy. Lots of fun. Maybe they can be pen pals or something. That would help their writing and spelling skills (Cassidy is really lacking in that area) and they will have a friend from far away. Tell me if you think this will work cause I am all for it.. it might be fun for them to get snail mail in the mailbox!

thesearlesociety said...

How cute. She's going to be an business-lady!