Tuesday, April 14, 2009


These are out of order. I never remember which way to upload them!
Here is Easter morning. Me, being the super mom that I am , forgot the girls baskets. So grandma Sherrie had some. Abbey found the biggest on the shelf and it was the one for her!

All our goodies

Putting the empty baskets out for the rabbit

Hunting eggs with cousin charlotte. (it was her and abbeys first time)
yes- you read that right abbey has never done it before. remember- super mom!

oh yeah! bubbles and doggies in the eggs

Where oh where can you be?!

Another first for abbey! dying eggs! Super mom strikes again! We have never done this because we really don't eat eggs. so super randma was to the rescue and let them dye to their hearts content.

So pretty- eggs and girls

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Danielle said...

Oh the memories. Nice shot of me looking superpregnant after just rolling out of bed in the background. I think all 3 girls had a really happy Easter.