Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Wyatt Earp... no, I am...

The one day it wasn't windy and nasty we went to tombstone! I haven't been there for about 11 years or so. the girls thought it was neat. they got their first cap guns. It was a total tourist trap so we being the cheap-o's that we are didn't go into much. we just wandered (or should i say meandered)

Notice the cast is gone!!!! she couldn't get enough of moving that arm after 4 weeks in a long cast. it healed so well we didn't need another one! YEE-HAW



thesearlesociety said...

Hey that brings back memories of when we went there when I was a kid! Do they still have that Indian guy on a bench?!

thesearlesociety said...

Maybe I'm thinking of the one in AZ, unless that's the one you went to.