Thursday, October 6, 2011

1 & 1 makes 11!

On September 25th our little girl hit the big 11! I still can't believe how big she is. I don't know how she got so old when we just had her yesterday:)

For her party this year she took 2 friends to dinner and a movie. We went to chilis where everyone ordered chicken strips and giggled non stop and I mean non stop. They even giggled while eating. I found a new respect for my mother who used to tote myself and at least a handful of friends around at a shot. (side note: while telling my sweet mom about my night she said you all were good kids. Told her they were good they just wouldn't stop squealing and giggling. She then replied, oh yeah you guys did that for sure!)

Kass while the waiters sang happy birthday.

Friends singing

Girl power! Kassidy, Martha and Nicole.

We went and saw dolphin tale, a very cute inspiring movie. Then we hit the lobby for crazy times and poster posing. Purrrrrfect!

Her bday was on Sunday this year. So after church she scored a ton of goodies.

My big girl

Those are not gang signs. It's her 11 sign.

Licking the beater after helping me make cookie cake.

Cookie cake

How did my little 6 week early beanie baby sized girl go from this to this?! Almost as tall as her mom. She is predicting to pass me up by 6th grade, which is so possible!

We love you so much kassidy. You bring joy and goofiness into our lives. You make life so much sweeter,( even with your new found "attitude" that will hopefully go away soon!!)
We love you the most!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pre birthday girls date night!

SO it's no surprise that I LOVE birthday's.

I have no fear telling people how OLD I am. I embrace my age:) Since we've moved to El Paso, it's been even sweeter. I made a friend, Tammy that shares the exact same birthday and year as me! So birthdays are twice as awesome! Sadly though, as all Army stories go, it's time for her to move (but to Hawaii so don't feel bad!) so this was our last "twin" birthday bash. We went out with a bang! We each grabbed a "plus one" and headed out for fun.

Getting ready to party! Me, Tammy, Beverly and Lesa.

(I figure if I surround myself with beauty it will rub off someday!!!)

We had Thai food at Tara Thai-

YUM!!!! Look at that pretty radish rose.

Romantic mood lighting!

We took our full bellies to play a game of laser tag. It was Beverly first time too!

This was Tammy getting her game on. We tried so many times to get a pict with my non flash phone timed with the strobe lights. It was quite hysterical!

I used a filter to make her look more Andy Warhol meets Charlie's angels

Don't mess with us!

Parting shot for the evening.

I have truly been blessed here in El Paso (and in all of my life). I have a hubby that lets me run about with ladies on dates! I have wonderful friends that are fun, beautiful and kind. We have such a good time together and it is always an uplifting experience to be with them.

I will miss my "twin" but will cherish all the memories we have.

Thanks for the brithday party ladies!!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Abbeys new bike

So after months of searching abbey finally found "the" bike! They built it over the weekend and we test drove it today. She is so excited. It will last our shorty for a really long time. I even want one! Congrats on finally out growing your old bike sweet heart:)

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First day of school 2011

It's the first day of school! We had our special breakfast, had fathers blessings and left! They were excited to go. This is kassidys last year in elementary school! Wow! Abs was nervous but didn't realize. She just kept saying her tummy didn't feel like eating:) She will be happy because one of the girls from her bffe club(best friends forever and ever) was in her class! Have a good girls. We love you.

Kass' favorite "sausagy rolls"

Abs scrambled eggs with sausage not in the roll!

Getting ready for curls

2nd grade beauty

Big 5th grader. Ps- 5th graders don't smile-duh!

Sisters! Makes me laugh. I forget that kass is tall for her age and abs is short fir her age until they stand next to each other! Ha

My shot I take every year. Walking with dad.
I'll miss you today, but not as much as Lola will!!!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers day

In honor of fathers day all the siblings (except me-because I'm lame!) got together for lunch today!
Everyone looks great even Kent with his nasty busted up leg!
My dad is the greatest man to walk the earth!
I love you dad!

Ps- I love all the rest of my family too! Y'all are awesome!!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day

Today is one of my favorite days! I get to rejoice in my greatest gift from my heavenly father, that of being a mom!

The girls had made me gifts at church and at school. They made me flower corsages that I proudly wore to church! They even bought me a wok that I've been eyeballing for months!

Me and my favorite gals after church!

I am so grateful to my heavenly father for allowing me to raise these 2 wonderful girls. They bring nothing but joy to my life. I love getting ready together in the bathroom and laughing while we do anything. They light up my life
I've got them brain washed that I am the perfect mom! I love you girls!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter dresses

This years Easter dress theme was cream colored dresses! This is the first year in 10 years that my outfit did not tie in but we lived so all is well!
Easter was great. Hearing the simplified version of the Easter story in primary at church always brings the spirit and helps me remember the truth that Christ is our savior and that he died and was resurrected for all of us.

Me and the girls and my new blonde hair!

This dress was made for her. Had to have it when I saw it:)

Getting so big


Love this one the most!!

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