Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pre birthday girls date night!

SO it's no surprise that I LOVE birthday's.

I have no fear telling people how OLD I am. I embrace my age:) Since we've moved to El Paso, it's been even sweeter. I made a friend, Tammy that shares the exact same birthday and year as me! So birthdays are twice as awesome! Sadly though, as all Army stories go, it's time for her to move (but to Hawaii so don't feel bad!) so this was our last "twin" birthday bash. We went out with a bang! We each grabbed a "plus one" and headed out for fun.

Getting ready to party! Me, Tammy, Beverly and Lesa.

(I figure if I surround myself with beauty it will rub off someday!!!)

We had Thai food at Tara Thai-

YUM!!!! Look at that pretty radish rose.

Romantic mood lighting!

We took our full bellies to play a game of laser tag. It was Beverly first time too!

This was Tammy getting her game on. We tried so many times to get a pict with my non flash phone timed with the strobe lights. It was quite hysterical!

I used a filter to make her look more Andy Warhol meets Charlie's angels

Don't mess with us!

Parting shot for the evening.

I have truly been blessed here in El Paso (and in all of my life). I have a hubby that lets me run about with ladies on dates! I have wonderful friends that are fun, beautiful and kind. We have such a good time together and it is always an uplifting experience to be with them.

I will miss my "twin" but will cherish all the memories we have.

Thanks for the brithday party ladies!!!



Danielle said...

So fun, wish I could have come! Happy Birthday-I hope it s fabulous year!

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