Thursday, October 6, 2011

1 & 1 makes 11!

On September 25th our little girl hit the big 11! I still can't believe how big she is. I don't know how she got so old when we just had her yesterday:)

For her party this year she took 2 friends to dinner and a movie. We went to chilis where everyone ordered chicken strips and giggled non stop and I mean non stop. They even giggled while eating. I found a new respect for my mother who used to tote myself and at least a handful of friends around at a shot. (side note: while telling my sweet mom about my night she said you all were good kids. Told her they were good they just wouldn't stop squealing and giggling. She then replied, oh yeah you guys did that for sure!)

Kass while the waiters sang happy birthday.

Friends singing

Girl power! Kassidy, Martha and Nicole.

We went and saw dolphin tale, a very cute inspiring movie. Then we hit the lobby for crazy times and poster posing. Purrrrrfect!

Her bday was on Sunday this year. So after church she scored a ton of goodies.

My big girl

Those are not gang signs. It's her 11 sign.

Licking the beater after helping me make cookie cake.

Cookie cake

How did my little 6 week early beanie baby sized girl go from this to this?! Almost as tall as her mom. She is predicting to pass me up by 6th grade, which is so possible!

We love you so much kassidy. You bring joy and goofiness into our lives. You make life so much sweeter,( even with your new found "attitude" that will hopefully go away soon!!)
We love you the most!

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Love it!! I sooo enjoy having her in Activity Days! She has a special spirit... Just like her momma! I am going to miss all of y'all! Happy Birthday Kassidy! She was the tiniest cutest baby!!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday to Kassidy! I can't believe she's 11. I still remember the day she was born. I think you are allowed to have a "tween" sized attitude at 11. She's such a sweet, fun and smart girl. Hope we see you all soon.

The Jones Fam said...

Wow we must be getting old to have such old children!!! You're such a fun mom. She's such a cute girl. Good luck with the attitude thing. Pretty sure you're stuck with it until she has her own kids and realizes that you actually do know something!


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