Monday, October 29, 2007

Space girl

My poor little princess was cursed with her dad's mouth. It is too small and extremely prone to cavity problems. So we broke a tooth the otherday and went to fix it and found out it was a problem with a bad filling so we had to remove the tooth! I was in tears when they told me. I guess there was no way to know until we got to where we were. So now we have to wear a spacer until her tooth grows in at around 10!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes. Luckily you can't tell when she smiles and she doesn't care.

For those looking for a good dentist, I was referred to ABC Dentistry on Baseline and 24th. In fact, for those from AZ it is Justin Carter's brother! They are the most fantastic dentist I have ever used (and I've been to a lot!) Those in Queen Creek, they even just opened one out there too! They are just extra nice and give a bunch of great prizes. So that's my shout out endorsement!

Numb smile

There it is. I guess it could be worse. What a trooper girl. We love her.

Friday, October 26, 2007

"Hubby Tag"

I was called out on a friends website to talk about my marriage and dating. I figured what better time could I do it than now. I am putting away his clothes for 9 months of storage and missing his smell already. Sappy I know. Lovey, if you read this don't think I'm weird!!

Where did we meet?
We met in a night class at Rick's college. It was love at first site for me, but took him a little longer to come around!!!

Where was our first date?
Never had a true first date. We were inseperable even before we dated or admitted we liked each other!

Where was our first kiss?
On our wedding day (if our kids ever ask!) For non believers it was on a trip to CO.

How long did we date?
We knew each other for 2 years, but "officially" dated for 9 months.

When and where were we married?
July 2nd, 1998 in the Mesa AZ temple.

How was the reception?
Nice because we ditched the line 5 minutes into it! We were smart not to bring our car so that it wouldn't get destroyed. So everyone attacked my car that my sister was driving!! Priceless.

How was the honeymoon?
Fabulous! How could it not be being in Sedona with a Jacuzzi bathtub!!!!!!!

Marriage has been great. We knew the minute we finally told each other we had feelings that if we dated we would get married. It has been perfect ever since. Being apart is hard, but makes us stronger than ever. Here's to another 9 times 10!!! I call out anyone that reads this that hasn't done it. It's nice to remember the good times. "Ain't we lucky we got 'em? GOOD TIMES!"

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We will miss you

We dropped Brian off at the airport this morning. It was harder to say good-bye this time. We had such a great time with him. We will miss him terribly. It was hard to let him go. We will be together again in July and then we can get back together and have a great summer vacation.

Thanks to all that keep us in their prayers. It really helps. The Lord is constantly blessing us and keeping us comforted. We couldn't do 17months apart with out the Lord and great family and friends.

Love to all,
The Caldwell girls
The day Brian got in we took him to see Kassidy perform with the Mtn View Cheerleaders. She had a wonderful time. This may be the start of something for her.

AZ State Fair

New bike

Brian bought Abbey a new bike and she thinks she's the greatest thing on two wheels.

Yuma Territorial Prison

On the way back from CA we stopped and played at the Yuma territorial jail. We climbed around and had a great time.

Hauling off the riff-raff



Straight to bed for you ruffians!!


After Disneyland we went to SeaWorld. It was a fantastic place. We sat in the splash zone and we all got soaked!

Wet girl

Big Polar Bear feet

The girls and their favorite guy


These are HAPPY tears

We had the unbelievably wonderful opportunity to have had Brian home from Iraq for 18 days. It was the fastest 18 days we've ever experienced, but worth every millisecond. He was able to change his flight from Dallas to here to an earlier time so we could surprise Kassidy at school. It was so wonderful. Abbey had warmed up to him by the time we got to the car in the parking garage. We got him home to shower, since he hadn't had a real one in over 6 months!! Then we got Kassidy. She couldn't believe her eyes at first then she ran across the room and jumped in his arms. She was crying and Brians said, "you are crying" to which she replied,
"These are happy tears daddy!"
Even her teacher was tearing up!

This says it all

Friday, October 5, 2007

The last piece of the chain

Well it happened. We broke the last ring on the girls chain! Brian will be here this afternoon and we are so very excited. It was the first thing out of the girls mouths this morning.

We will be "logging off" for a while!

Our love to all.