Thursday, October 25, 2007

These are HAPPY tears

We had the unbelievably wonderful opportunity to have had Brian home from Iraq for 18 days. It was the fastest 18 days we've ever experienced, but worth every millisecond. He was able to change his flight from Dallas to here to an earlier time so we could surprise Kassidy at school. It was so wonderful. Abbey had warmed up to him by the time we got to the car in the parking garage. We got him home to shower, since he hadn't had a real one in over 6 months!! Then we got Kassidy. She couldn't believe her eyes at first then she ran across the room and jumped in his arms. She was crying and Brians said, "you are crying" to which she replied,
"These are happy tears daddy!"
Even her teacher was tearing up!

This says it all

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