Monday, October 29, 2007

Space girl

My poor little princess was cursed with her dad's mouth. It is too small and extremely prone to cavity problems. So we broke a tooth the otherday and went to fix it and found out it was a problem with a bad filling so we had to remove the tooth! I was in tears when they told me. I guess there was no way to know until we got to where we were. So now we have to wear a spacer until her tooth grows in at around 10!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes. Luckily you can't tell when she smiles and she doesn't care.

For those looking for a good dentist, I was referred to ABC Dentistry on Baseline and 24th. In fact, for those from AZ it is Justin Carter's brother! They are the most fantastic dentist I have ever used (and I've been to a lot!) Those in Queen Creek, they even just opened one out there too! They are just extra nice and give a bunch of great prizes. So that's my shout out endorsement!

Numb smile

There it is. I guess it could be worse. What a trooper girl. We love her.

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Sara! said...

Hey Kristal! Yay! You have a blog! (I'm obviously excited.)

So, I've read your whole life, you are so lucky that your only job is to "cleen the bafrome" I loved that.

Also, about ABC Dentistry... I totally agree, they are the best! That's who my office refers to because they are the nicest and do fantastic work. By the way, LOTS of kids have to get baby teeth taken out so don't even worry about it. In a few days she'll totally "adapt" and not even realize it's gone. (P.S. sometimes the space maintainer pops out, and that's fine too, you just have to go get it glued back in.)

So, I've been wanting to ask you, do you remember playing volley-tennis at HoHoKam park and the little girl on our team that said she was "going to make a whole in your hand?" I remember way too much, but it was funny.