Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of school 2011

It's the first day of school! We had our special breakfast, had fathers blessings and left! They were excited to go. This is kassidys last year in elementary school! Wow! Abs was nervous but didn't realize. She just kept saying her tummy didn't feel like eating:) She will be happy because one of the girls from her bffe club(best friends forever and ever) was in her class! Have a good girls. We love you.

Kass' favorite "sausagy rolls"

Abs scrambled eggs with sausage not in the roll!

Getting ready for curls

2nd grade beauty

Big 5th grader. Ps- 5th graders don't smile-duh!

Sisters! Makes me laugh. I forget that kass is tall for her age and abs is short fir her age until they stand next to each other! Ha

My shot I take every year. Walking with dad.
I'll miss you today, but not as much as Lola will!!!

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I am so glad I know ur blog now! I will have to add it to mine! Love the cute pics! Abs hair is adorable... so is Cass's! Love the non-smile 5th grader!

Danielle said...

Have a great year girls! They couldn't get any cuter. Next year you'll have a middle-schooler; whoa.