Thursday, April 9, 2009


For those who do not know we are museum junkies. Actually I am not included in that but everyone else is and i am a fmily time junkie so i tag along! Sat we took in 2 musems. One was on post here and the other was the border patrol museum up the road. both were very fun
She just thought the name was cool.
(christa, if you see this pass it on to yours 'cause that is her spelling!)

At the border patrol museum. This is so what i envisoined in my head when i hear about them on the news!

my little ladies with the "big lady"

OK- even I thought this was cool. Every control moved so they could play away

Crusin' cuties

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Marie said...

You guys have been busy since I last checked in, broken arm, new house, new school, museums - too much fun! The border patrol museum looks like it would be very interesting!