Thursday, April 9, 2009

First day in a new school

The girls new school is a uniform wearing school! Never done that before. it is quite hard to find uniform pieces at the end of the school year by the way! We found enough to get us by til we can find more.
Kassidy was very excited about this. she laid her outfit out the night before (keep in mind we still had no dressers, couch anything at this point hence the carpet!) I thought it was too cute to not take a pic

outfit ready... check
backpack ready... check

dressed and out the door... check

Abbey goes to afternoon pre-k and was very excited too. not so much about the collars. they are "funky" she does it though just to go to school.

Dad doing his best to embarrass his off-spring!
We are truly truly blessed to have children that love school. they were given the opportunity to miss the entire week since they missed spring brak due to this school having it the week before we moved and the other not having it yet. They refused and were in school by wed! they love to learn and we love them.

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