Monday, February 9, 2009

Finally catching up!

Wasn't going to try this but decided to due to boring current life!!!
Here are somethings that happened during no internet, vacation and a computer virus that caused us to buy a new one!

What happens if dad sees you sitting on the tub talking to your sissy!

What happens when it is raining and you REALLY wanted to sleep in the tent

Abbey as student of the week

The Mad Hatter and Sharpey (high school mus)

The teeth we wore for weeks after Halloween

Zombie Cheerleader for the school party, my mean mom wouldn't let me wear my other just in case i ripped it!

Just south of us the have waht is called the "little grand canyon" well being from AZ we had to check it out! It was made from farmers rerouting water and the walls are sand. So this is what they got. We laughed and called it a wash, but they just don't know any better!!!

One of the walls. It was pretty neat to see it. It really is just tightly packed sand, no rocks!

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Christa Johnson said...

thanks for catching me up with your life! It looks like your girls are doing great! I loved all the pictures, especially the tub, that is a classic!!