Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dexter Elementary

First day of school!
They let me take this when I picked them up!
We got our stuff yesterday and started school today.
My wonderful wonderful girls.


Diane said...

i don't think they could be any cuter!! we don't start til monday.. then it begins!! breakfasts on time, homework, bed time, lunches!!
They look ready to go--and so happy about it too.

Kristine Thompson said...

Too cute! I almost cry every year. Your girls are so smiley I love it!

Holly Webster said...

Hey Kristal! It's Holly Webster (Moore)! I came across your blog when I was looking at Linaes. How are you doing? It has been forever! Time goes by so fast. I feel like we just graduated! Now we all have a bunch of kids! Your girls are so dang cute! Im so glad your husband is safe at home with you and your girls. What a brave man!

Miss Fergie said...

I demand an update!