Sunday, May 3, 2009

Old Bones in Old El Paso

We are still continuing our quest to see all the old stuff we can. So this weekend we went to see the grave of John Wesley Hardin. Why?! Don't know. know the story, love the Bob Dylan song and he's up the freeway so what the heck!! It was a very sad, dry and ugly cemetery. super old stuff though and that's what we dig. Well... not literally!

notice the wind giving abbey willy wonka hair!

old man and lobster hands silloette! What in the world?!


Christa Johnson said...

It is good to see what you guys have been up to... It is always good to have a hobby together as a family, even if it is seeking out old dead things!!!He! He!

Marie said...

You guy do the funnest things!!! Flat Stanley - fabulous idea, might need to make that a summer project.

ShelleyG said...

Hey guys-do you know if you are coming this week? We are trying to get a count. :)