Monday, May 25, 2009

If April showers (which we don't have) bring flowers, then, May freak rainstorms bring....

When we get rain (our first since we moved here) we party it up!
Strait from school into the street

Things you miss about the desert after being from it so long. Rain on the horizon and the smell of cool wet dirt. all you desert for lifers may think i am crazy but when you haven't had it in over 12 years, it's nice. the smell reminded me of my childhood and it was so nice to leave windows and doors open all day.

It's also nice for all of our sprouts! the garden which is abbeys favorite pasttime is doing so good. we have more sprouts than will fit in our beds that are 4x8 each! We had to make more room and may have to grow a garden for the rabbit that is visiting (abbeys idea on how not to be mean to it about eating our stuff)

green beans!


Let's see. Corn, garlic, jalapenos, yellow squash, zuccinni and cucumbers

See the need for thinning- we did and all went well
Thanks for having one while i was growing up mom and dad. i give ALL credit to you!


Nate and Cass said...

I miss that smell too!!! Nothing is better than the smell of rain coming.

Diane said...

i know what smell you mean! and its the best when you can open up everything and just enjoy it! i LOVE IT!
and good job on the garden.. its probably huge now.. post new pics!