Friday, June 5, 2009

WHO gives a kid bright blue frosting!!!!!??????

At the last day of school party someone was genius enough to get that ever fantastic bright blue frosting. Anyone with kids knows what color I am talking about, if you don't have kids yet...take note!

Lips, Nose and Hair

This one made on the nose and UP the nose

blue mustache man!

Why do they make that stuff?
Was gonna include in last day post below and decided it needed a post all its own!

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Linae said...

At least I know I wont have to worry about blue stains on Saturday! So very cute with the cap and gown.....except it makes me think of someday it will be the real thing and I'm not ready for thoughts like that! I'm with Brian, it seems too crazy they are really as old as they are. It's so funny to hear you say that about Sadie and I, cuz I don't see it, but if anyone remebers me when I was 9 it would be you! Crazy thing is, in so many pictures of Kassidy, I'm saying the same thing about you! We are so looking forward to Sat. the girls already picked out her gift, it was something Sadie got for her bday and it was such a hit we wanted to get it for Abbey. So you can reasure her that it is definatley a "Big Girl" gift, I mean after all, Sadie is 9!