Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sweet St. David

Brian's parents are having a house built down in the booming town of Saint David. Haven't heard of it?! Well, if you have ever been to Tombstone you may have blinked and missed it on your way there! It is a little town settled by the pioneers that Brigham Young sent (Sherrie's relatives). Larry came out to do a final walk through so we went down to check it out. It was hot today and Abs got sunkissed cheeks.

Taking a break from our non-stop afternoon in the dirt.

Papa Larry and his sweeties

The house from the outside. Not quite finished but just about!

Here is the house in the distance with the cool mountain view. This is from Sherrie's mothers house. (Even though I think it looks dirty and dreary I know Brian the desert lover will love this shot)

I am the QUEEN of the dirt!

They climbed this dirt mound and others all day. They were completely brown and happy as they could be. It will be so great to have my in-laws close for the first time ever. I truly am blessed with the best in-laws anyone could ask for. We especially like the extra 3 bedrooms for grandkid summer month long stays!!!


Diane said...

good in-laws sure help marriages. and the pile of dirt is awsome. my kids would have gone insane playing on that thing!

Fergulicous said...

I have great in laws too, its so nice. I changed you nickname, see if you can guess which one. This one I know for a fact is true. The other one I couldn't remember if it was you or Kristine.

Sara! said...

Okay, I haven't read up on you for a while, and I have been sorely missing out! The bandaid story? Hullllhhhhh... (me dry heaving.) We have a similar reason we quit going to Mattas, may it rest in peace.

About Us said...

I totally know where St. David is. I pass it on my way to Mexico (pronounced Meh-he-ko) to mi madre's house. You are super right - that town is tiny but fun to visit to escape the heat. Wait - isn't it boiling hot there too?

Linae said...

Looks like a ton of space for the kids to just run around and be free! Kind of like we were growing up, our kids need places like this! How fun!

Born Again Barbie...making my Mormon Dreams Come True (very slowly) said...

Long live St. David. I don't know why you act like St. david isn't a big deal, it is. It is the link that brought cousin and I together. Anyways, your girls are beautiful and they look so respectful and kind. Just like their Mama. Val is pregs. I didn't see that one coming. Shoot.

Linae said...

Hey I'm just checking in, I have been MIA lately, I hope your doing good. Did Kassidy already have spring break? Sadie & Kimie are still on. Lets get together soon before the weather gets too unbearable! And before Cruz comes! Love ya