Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another TAG

So thanks to my pal Jacque I have been tagged to bore you all to tears by telling you 6 things you might not know about me. So grab a pillow and get ready to read something from one of the most boring people on the planet!!

1. I used to cordinate my socks and shoes to my outfits in Elementary. I would wear 2 socks each foot and alternate them and them pick a matching Ked. I was awesome.

2. My favorite thing to do growing up was make haunted houses. In the backyard in fridge boxes, in the bedroom, in the bathroom didn't matter. Couldn't get enough.

3. I've been the same height and shoe size since 6th grade. Yes I was a beast.

4. Brian was my first kiss! I was so worried about having to remember someone I didn't really like, so I waited for a hunk to sweep me off my feet! (If I said it was on our wedding day would you believe me?!)

5. Our first car as a married couple was a mustard color 1977 VW Micro bus. That I could never drive because the seat was rusted and wouldn't move so I couldn't reach the clutch.

6. I have hiked to the top of Humphrey's peak in Flagstaff. It is 12,633ft and the highest mountain in AZ. It was awesome.

So that's random me. I am supposed to call people out so I am thinking I would like to torture... Christy and Marie. you better do it because if I did you better or I'll haunt your site, whooooo (that's a ghost sound)


Diane said...

i've known you since elementary school & didn't know one of these things! LOL

Christy said...

tagged?! Am I supposed to answer questions? do I have to?

Fergulicous said...

Yes, the scary haunted houses were the best!

Linae said...

A strool down memory lane! I can't believe the corrdinating socks is something I forgot about you! Probly because I was jelous because I only had white socks (hand me down white socks!) And I will never forget the hauted houses, how could we never get tired of it?! Did you really wait until your wedding day to kiss him? Now I'm really jelous!

Team Caldwell said...

as far as our kids our concerned yes the wedding day was the first!!! Wink,wink