Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy LOVE day

We opened our few things and were so happy!! The girls love this day.
Princess make-up from Grandma Sherrie and Papa Larry

Paddle balls from Grandpa and grandma Dickson

My Little Pretties

Abbey's shirt is appropriate, "dad's sweet heart" She is perfect for him and pushes all my buttons!

Hope everyone has a wonderful



Diane said...

happy valentines day to you! that's cute that they get gifts. they are so cute. and per your question, i didn't teach brendon to do that trick..he does his own stunts! :) he does a back flip holding on landing on the ground/jumps out while swinging! he's a circus freak! tell brian to enjoy the booty you have, cz one of these days when it's gone, he'll miss it!

Fergulicous said...

Why don't you come over sometime this week while I have it all out. I want to make some more too. And no I don't have a pattern. Our girls could play together.