Monday, February 25, 2008

Where did the time go?

I have been going through the 2 boxes of old photos I brought to AZ with me that I swore I would get organized and filed away and have not done until now!!!There were some super fun memories. We have been married long enough to not had the priviledge of having a digital camera for having baby picts of kass so i forget how cute and little she was. so i started looking through stuff on the computer to see what i need to print and save. Since Easter is almost here i thought I'd show you a shot from Easter 2005. My how they've changed. It's funny how time can slip through those fingers no matter how tight our grip is!

One of my favorites of Abbey doing what she loved best, getting dirty. Now I can't get her to play in the dirt! She's getting so big.


Diane said...

awwww.. so cute. i love every stage that they manage to go through, but i always miss the ones they leave behind. those darn girls w/ the beautiful eyes and blonde hair. :)

Kristina said...

it always makes me tear up when I look at pictures of my older kids when they were little; time goes by WAY too fast!! I have made this baby swear that he/she is going to stay a baby for a REALLY long time!! (wouldn't that be nice if we had that much control!!)