Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuff taxes

So I am supposed to be doing taxes right now. For those that know me well this is funny. I have never done taxes in the 9 1/2 years we've been married! My contribution is the social numbers and birth dates. ha! SO to make it easier on Brian I thought i'd be so nice and take over. Well i got frustrated and walked away for a bit! The funniest part is that i am using h&r block tax cut (because it's free to us!) it is very very easy to use and leaves nothing left unlooked. I am struggling with the notion that i forgot something or did too much! This is not my thing. So I am venting my lack of computer filing skills. I will let you know if I ever get it done!
Maybe if I ask nice Brian will take over. He has time right?!


Marie said...

Kristal- I just happened upon your blog from Jake and Nat's blog. Great to get updated on your life and see pics of your beautiful girls. I recently entered the blogging world so feel free to check mine out. fortmcdowell.blogspot. Hope things are good with you. All is fine and dandy with me and mine! So glad I happened upon your blog. Oh yeah - sorry you're not having fun with your taxes. I send mine to an accountant because I'm too afraid to even try!

Fergulicous said...

The thought of taxes gives me anxiety! Brett does accounting work for a living and still hires someone to do ours. Good Luck!

Christy said...

Alex does all of our taxes too. That's funny. So is H&R free to all military? Or maybe just those serving overseas? I haven't seen you in too long. We haven't been out to Mesa in forever. I'll call you next time we do.

Born Again Barbie...making my Mormon Dreams Come True (very slowly) said...

Kristal... taxes are easy Get it together girl. Make cousin proud.