Thursday, November 29, 2007


We were decorating the outside of the house today. we put up lights and a tree on the front porch it made me remember all the great christmas' we've had. i was doing a photo project for brian and ran across these and thought i'd walk down memory lane with you all!

This was 2 years ago in WA. We went to a man's property and cut down this huge 8 ft tree for $40!!! We had so much fun. one of my favorite memories.

This was the girls 2 years ago. Man time has flown and you can really tell when you look at photos. It's tough doing christmas without brian but the girls excitement makes we want to pull out all the stops. i will post pictures of the front of the house because it rocks! my aunt did the garland around the door today and it's fab!


Jenny said...

Your little girls are so pretty! I love their blond hair..

Please invite me the "Blogger" reunion. I already feel left out since I'm not a "mugrunner" like all of the rest of you Vikings.

I tend to blog stalk (we all do), but yours is the only one I've ever commented on...lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

this is a test to see if anyone can log in, like you joelyn!