Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just in time for new years resolutions

so my long lost pal diane found me and i checked her blog. she had a link to this website...


It is the top 20 worst foods from places we go. I am in shock! If you do nothing else today but read this you will be changed forever! Click on each number to the left of the description. I will give you a sneek peek that #2 involves 200 plus grams of fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and most of us LOVE it. i know i did, but not anymore! If you are wanting something to kick-start a better eating life style read on my friends read on!!! Thanks for ruinung my eating out experience for life diane!


Diane said...

you crack me up! oh, & you're welcome of course. my personal favorite was the chicken strips from mcdonalds. they equaled 20 of their nuggets. can you imagine eating 20+ mc nuggets?? i wonder if i ever have before... yikes!

Thompsons said...

Holy Crap!