Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

The girls made these hats at school and i couldn't resist putting them up.
Funny to make a meal today without Brian, but it's Kasss favorite holiday!

That's our girls!!!

Found this on-line (no i was not THAT bored)

too funny not to show


Sara! said...

#1: I love Abbey's smile because you can see ALL of her teeth. So cute!
#2: So fun the girls being crazy in the third picture.
#3: The turkey is hilarious, but think how much you'd have to touch it. I hate touching raw chicken or turkey. Anything else is okay, just the birds, yuck.
#4: Last post: I love their new Sunday dresses, and I'm with them. New shoes are the best part of an outfit!

Sara! said...

Sorry my comments are always LONG and BORING. I'll either stop from now on or spice them up!

Diane said...

okay, so i found you from jake & natalies page. (and i'm so glad i did) i can't believe how big the girls are getting.

Jenny said...

It's Jenny Pear!! I found you from Jodi's site. I don't usually say hi randomly like this but I just had to give you a holla!
Did you ever managed to get your hands on the "mother of all belt buckels" as stated in Jewlery class of 94?