Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another record breaker

So I've noticed that everytime we move somewhere there is always a weather related record breaker. In Washington we broke one for rain and now we are here. We have broken a couple records with heat, but todays just iced the cake for me. We set another record, I think it's the third this week! We hit 94 degrees today- this is November remember?! The record was held at 93 degrees set in 1934! Why do people live here? They say it's for the great winter, well guess what it's getting there and we are breaking records with HEAT! Brian I know what you're thinking, but it's hot to me!!!

That's all that's my rant for the day. PS- I changed the blog so all can leave comments. you no longer have to have a blogger account. (that one's for you Joelyn-love ya)

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Linae said...

Kristal I'm with you all the way! So where should we move to? I think you've seen more places than I have. Remeber when we were little we swore that we would'nt live in Az when we grew up!? We also wanted our 1st job to be D.Q. (on Main St), and we wanted to work at Costco on roller skates! And oh yeah, you were going to marry Luke and I was gonna marry Bo! What happened!!!!! I am seriously cracking up right now!!!!