Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Dresses

So I realized it's been a while since I posted a note. Brian has been moving to a new place and hasn't had the chance to check the site so I have been lazy about updates. Not that I don't love all the rest of you!!!

The girls got new dresses for the holidays. Abbeys favorite part are the sparkly red shoes she's wanted for a really long time and the sparkly headband that matches the shoes. Kassidy was excited for the wedge sandals she has always wanted. I am a sucker during the holidays especially when Brian is gone!

Trying them on the minute we got home

After church

With the holidays here. These 2 are what I am so thankful for. If I didn't have these angels a 17 month deployment would be impossible. Thanks girls.

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Fergulicous said...

How old is your little one? They are so cute. Tori is 2 and a half. We need to have them play sometimes. By the way I love those doors in the background, who painted those?