Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spoiled by SPAM

So I recieved a random spam comment and am thinking of blocking my webpage to those that I love. I like the fact that people from the past can check me out and say hi but I don't want crazy perfume sites posting either. Does anyone have suggestions? If I block it is there a way to have those that want to peek send me a request or something?



Diane said...

i'm right there with you. i actually hate going to "my friends" pages and have to log in everytime. but i have gotten 2 comment things about how nice my page is, and if i ever want to change it go to "their" page. ticks me off. i don't know what to do either!

Linae said...

Wierd, I don't understand, what exactly happend? I don't want any adds on my blog that stinks!

Born Again Barbie...making my Mormon Dreams Come True (very slowly) said...

hey girl... can't wait for cousin to be reunited with you. Maybe it's time for a boy baby. You guys could make one, if you want. just saying. oh i will be living in oregon, so maybe we could see each other or somethin. arent you in washington. let me know


Kristina said...

I know alot of people get really freaky about strangers looking at their blog and stuff, but I just try to be careful about not putting too many details about things like where we live and where the kids go to school; stuff like that. I figure if some weirdo wants to track me down he is going to do it with or without my blog; BUT I am not sure how I would feel if I had older girls?? Good luck