Tuesday, April 1, 2008

10 years ago today

10 years ago today my wonderful husband asked me to be his wife! Me being a dork asked if it was real, being April Fools Day! I decided that since we are at the place that this happened we should go there so I can show the girls where it all started. So after a long story of our proposal it ended up happening at Pioneer Park in Mesa AZ. So tonight we got DQ and went to remember my special day.
Here are the girls on a bench with the Temple where we were married in the beackground.

Here the girls are stnding in the EXACT spot that the ring was slipped on!

Here we are in front of a Pioneer Park sign where Brian tried to propose but a security guard made us leave!

Brian is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I would be nothing and have nothing without him. He is my true love and companion. I thank my Heavenly Father ever day for the blessing of having Brian in my life. We celebrate this day every year but the 10 mark has made it extra special.



Mrs. Starr Phippen said...

Kristal, congrats on 10 years! We hope Brian comes home soon!

Sara! said...

Congrats! A little ironic that a security guard wouldn't let you tell the kids their heritage at the part of the park that is a monument to heritage. Funny.

I feel like an old lady now for using the word heritage. Heritage.

BTW, so sad to hear you are moving!! Not that I ever get to hang out with you, but still...!

Team Caldwell said...

Security guard didn't kick the girls and I out. He kicked Brian and I out so the ring was slipped on while walking defeated back to the car!!!!

Kristina said...

That is way too sweet!!! Time goes by so fast, it is really fun to remember those things!

Diane said...

wow! ten year huh?? we had 9 in february. and it's weird bcz sometimes it feels like time is flying & other times i feel like only 9 years???
anyway--congrats & it's cool that the girls got to see where it ALL BEGAN! ;)

Marie said...

Congrats! 10 years seems like such a long time, but I'm sure when I get to that point I'll be asking where the time went.