Friday, April 18, 2008

Disney again

I was gone to WA for a week getting things in order and helping my super sweet friend. The day after I got home we all left to Disneyland to celebrate my aunt Robin's birthday. We had a fast and fantastic time. Abbey did not feel well but was an absolute trooper.

Abbey with Brother Bear


We had lunch with the princesses. There were 5 we met. This was one of the many excited faces we got to witness as the paraded out one by one and came to our table to talk to the girls. This face was worth everything!

Get that sword out girl

The girls were loving that they met Ariel. I had shots of Abbey in heaven but this one of Kassidy is pure joy. She was mesmerized by her and how kind she was.

As were were walking through the park the girls asked when Brian was going to bring them back. you could take them everyday and they would never get tired. I was talking with Kass and told her that we can't come all the time because then it's not as fun anymore. so she said, "yeah, then you won't keep saying, 'we've already done that before'." She is one funny and observant girl. I love her.


Diane said...

i haven't been to disneyland since i was like 15! i want to take the kids sometime, just don't want to carry a baby around! :)
those pics of abbey in her swimsuit are soooo cute. she is so gorgeous! how are moving plans going?

Kristine Thompson said...

Very fun! I am jealous. Your girls are so adorable! I'm glad you had fun in WA. We will have to get together soon :)

Perfumes said...
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Splash Zone said...

I never waited in line for her to meet the princesses because it was too long. We weren't there the same time were we?

Fergulicous said...

That last comment was me signed in under Brett's business blog.