Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Kassidy did not have school last Fri so we decided to girly it up for the day!
We went and got pedicures. Well, I did and the girls got theirs painted. They were in heaven
and walked around on their heels the whole time they waited for
me so they wouldn't mess up their toes!
(In fact when church came around on Sun Abbey cried as we picked out church shoes. Then she told me it is because she wanted everyone to see her toes! So she was allowed to wear pink flip flops that day)

Aren't they so cute?! Notice in the middle if each flower is a little jewel. Surprisingly they are still in there and today is tues! I love my little girls they are the perfect balance of girly girl and rough and tuff!


Linae said...

You guys are too cute! Your last comment cracks me up! He didn't listen to me cuz he is still in there!

Diane said...

kiersten would die for that. i always have to paint her nails.

Kristina said...

That is so much fun! The first time I took Emmy she was in girl heaven! It is so fun having girls!!