Monday, July 6, 2009

Aprons and ice cream!

At church kassidy goes with the 8-11 year old every other week and learns different things (called activity days for those that know what it is!) Their recent project was to make their own apron all by themselves and then have an ice cream social for the dads. It was very cute. they did a fashion show and then served the men. It was very very very very (get the idea) very hard for me to let her do the entire project herself complet with crooked cutting and sewing. I did let her do it all on her own and it is adorable! She is so proud of herself and we are of her.


She knows how her dad like it! Super huge

My little sewing gal

Look at those cuties I get to have all to myself!
(Now I have to make Abs one because "it's not fair for Kass to have one and not ME!"


Eggerling Family said...

Adorable...Can she make me one? ha :)

Christa Johnson said...

Those aprons are sooooo cute!! what a wonderful project and I am very impressed with her sewing abilities!! I would have to say that I want one too!!! it looks like you guys are such a happy family!

Marie said...

She did so awesome on her apron. Someone would have had to tie my hands down to keep me from helping. I have such a hard time with crooked cuts and stitches - so I just don't sew! Thanks for giving my gemini Jack an excuse for being nasty. I was hopeing it was just a phase - so what your telling me it that its likely he'll be like this forever - great!!!

Diane said...

the apron is way cute! and thats a fun activity day.
i cant believe abbey is 5 already. where does the time go???

jodi, making all her mormon dreams come true, at slow as molassess speed said...

i like that pic at the end.... Good job Kassidy.